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Thanks to our commitment to excellence, we can offer the most reliable products in terms of taste, solubility and density, and of course in composition. All Starlabs products are manufactured and packaged under GMP (good manufacturing practice) conditions. GMP certification ensures that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards.

GMP is designed to standardize the final product and prevent the risk of production mistakes in each step of the pharmaceutical production. A GMP certification is there by one of the most important consumer insurances for a quality product.

StarLabs Nutrition guarantees the competitive athletes that every batch of our sports nutrition products and/or raw materials has been tested for banned substances and is safe to use.

StarLabs Nutriton . has multiple international patents pending.


Before our products leave the factory, they are analyzed randomly to verify that the nutritional information is correct.

StarLabs Nutrition is only using independent laboratories with a vast knowledge and in depth experience regarding sports nutrition products giving each batch a seal of quality. Thus, the final customer knows that what is reflected on the label, is also what each product contains.

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