Improves Omega 3 levels


The best absorption



SuperbaTM Krill Omega 3 is a high purity krill oil extracted under strict quality control processes.

It is obtained exclusively from Euphausia superba, a kind of Antarctic krill, rich in EPA and DHA fatty acids, that floats on large banks in Antarctic waters and feeds on microscopic algae.

The algae that make up the krill diet are a great source of omega-3 as well as antioxidant astaxanthin, giving SuperbaTM Krill Omega 3 its characteristic red color and, most importantly, acting as a natural preservative.

The best absorption

SuperbaTM Krill fatty acids are forming phospholipids, which makes them better recognized by human body and much better absorbed and incorporated into tissues. Thanks to the presence of these phospholipids, SuperbaTM Krill ensures the release of key fatty acids for the proper functioning of various organs, such as brain, heart and joints.


As part of cell membranes, EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids have the ability to influence the fluidity of membranes, signaling processes, and other metabolic parameters within the cell. The more omega-3 fatty acids are in the cells, the more flexible they are.


1. Improves cognitive processes

2. Improves cardiovascular, brain and joint health

3. Increases cell permeability

4. Promotes absorption of nutrients inside cells

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    120 Softgels (60 servings)
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