Maximum growth
and rapid recovery


Advanced Muscle Builder

XXL MYOGAINERTM is a powerful formula that provides you with carbohydrates for energy and protein for the muscles to fuel a great work-out and kick-start the muscle building process.

To gain weight the right way, your training must be accompanied by a healthy diet and enough calories. Eating the right amount of nutrients needed for muscle growth can however sometimes be difficult due to a stressful everyday life and eating on the go. Now, with XXL MYOGAINERTM, it has never been easier to gain weight and build impressive size and strength!
Carbohydrates help you provide a greater storage of muscle and liver glycogen. High amounts of glycogen delay fatigue and increase energy which means you can train for a longer time and improve your performance.

Proteins give you components like essential amino acids, BCAAs and glutamine to build and repair muscles, help you recover faster and support a healthy immune system.

Developed for professional athletes

XXL MYOGAINERTM has been developed for serious athletes, who require more anabolic nutrients than the average. Each serving of Myogainer mixed with whole milk packs a massive 371 calories along with 15 grams of muscle building protein to fuel your muscles to maximum growth and rapid recovery.

The perfect gainer!

XXL MYOGAINERTM gives you more calories, more proteins, more taste and less sugar! This is what you should be looking after in your gainer.

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    2.270g. (23 servings)
    5.440g. (54 servings)
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